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the situation - MTV is back

I don't know if anyone has realized the last couple of years, but MTV has really sucked. I don't mean sucked in a way like hey why don't you guys show music videos anymore, but the show you do have on are garbage. It had been making me sad because I used to love these shows.

The Real World - garbage I don't care about these people.
Road Rules - see above.
Real World/Road Rules Challenge - same as above, the people they have on these shitty shows are now more like professional reality competitors which equals lameo.
Cribs - used to be about the crazy shit celebs buy and then the shit they would buy to one up people on past episodes. Now they have cribs of kids whose parents are rich, what the fuck?
The Hills - I along with everyone else in the world used to love this show. Now I feel they need better writers or skankier bitches.
The City - I don't know what this is.
Fantasy Factory - I love this show, but I miss Rob and Big.

These shows along with fifty million true life's, stupid game shows about dating people other than you significant other, world strictest parents? have almost put the final nail in the MTV coffin.

But here's the SITUATION. Jersey Shore: The best new reality show on Television is airing on none other than MTV. Seven fine upstanding Italian Americans are spending the summer in New Jersey's Seaside Heights working at a tee shirt shop. Please tune in, this show is a game changer.

I also want to give special praise to 16 and pregnant.

Hey guess what? MTV is officially back.